Edartown Fire Museum

Step back in time into a turn-of-the-century firehouse.

The museum



Built in 1994 as a garage to house the 1927 and 1952 Mack fire trucks. This project was done with all volunteer labor and many donated supplies. After his retirement, Senior Captain Richard Kelly began collecting many artifacts around town and slowly this garage transformed into the present museum.

Presently the association, in conjunction with the MV museum, is building on a new addition to house the 1855 hand tub and many more acquired pieces. We are hopeful completion date of late summer 2011. The association applied for, and was granted monies from the town as part of the Community Preservation Act and as with the original building this too is being done with donated labor and many materials. When it is completed it will house the 1855 hand tub which is currently at the MV museum.

The MV Museum as graciously offered to put on loan this original piece of fire history which is the true symbol of this organization. We are in the home stretch now but still have a ways to go, any assistance is always appreciated!


Hours: The museum is open daily from May until October from 8:30 – 4:30 and in the winter by appointment. T shirts and hats are for sale during these hours and donations are always welcome.

Current Articles on display: The museum houses the 2 Mack fire engines, plus a wide variety of memorabilia i.e.; badges, fire extinguishers, alarm boxes, tools and clothing and many pictures.

Fire Department Museum