Fourth of July

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Fourth of July











Every year the association takes part in the parade at which time we showcase our 1855 hand tub which has been the tradition since the early sixties.  The Button Tub has become a mainstay and a parade favorite. For the 150th anniversary of the tub the association had it professionally restored using techniques and materials original to the time period in which it was built.


This allowed for our volunteers to run the tub in the parade and pump water for the crowds for the first time in years. Since the restoration in 2005 the tub has been painstakingly cared for by association members and we been pumping the tub at multiple locations along the parade route, much to the delight of visitors and locals alike.


After the parade we invite all the participants to stop by the station for food and refreshments. As people begin to flood into town for the fireworks our volunteers go to work again. Throughout the downtown area you will find fire trucks and ambulances, ready for anything. With thousands of visitors in town for the parade and then staying for the fireworks the 4th of July is our busiest day.


Our members are often busy all day and well into the night, many times sacrificing time with their families to ensure the safety of the town. We do this gladly because we love this town and are happy to have so many people share this special day with us.