About us

Men and women with an unprecedented dedication to the community they serve.

The Edgartown Firemen’s Association was established in 1952. It consists of the men and women of the Edgartown Fire Department; active and retired firefighters, EMTs, and honorary members. The organization is led by a head table with a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There is an executive committee made up of the past three presidents and the current head table as well as several sub committees who organize individual events.

Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 6:00pm. Nine months out of the year there is a dinner before the meeting put on by the different individual truck companies.Our members train diligently to keep Edgartown safe, becoming proficient in skills ranging from firefighting, basic and advanced life saving, marine rescue, high angle ropes rescue, rapid extrication techniques, confined space rescue, and everything in between. The association was established to support these volunteers in their endeavors and to support the local people of Edgartown.

Edgartown is a beautiful town, rich in history and a tight knit sense of community. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining a positive relationship with the townspeople from the elementary schools right through to our seniors. We are always working to advance our skills and knowledge of firefighting and EMS so that we may provide Edgartown with the best possible coverage so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy our town safely.

It is our hope that this website will bring you a better understanding of what we do and how we do it. We have come a long way from rescuing cats in trees and it is through the dedication of our personnel that we seek to enhance the quality of life on our island. Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions and stop by our museum for a visit!



President - Lieutenant Jake Sylvia

Jake Sylvia is a Paramedic & Eng 4 Lieutenant.As President Jake is the chief executive officer of the Organization, and presides at all meetings of members and of the Board of Trustees. The President and other officers are members of all committees by virtue of office. jake is and active leader and is involved with all details and aspects of the organization and it's events.


Vice President - Paramedic/ Firefighter Mike Klimeck

Mike Klimeck is a Paramedic/Firefighter. As Vice President his responsibilities are to assist the front table and take care of behind the scenes items at events. Like the President and other officers, the VP is a member of all committees by virtue of office. In the event of the President's absence or disability, the Vice President performs the duties of President.


Treasurer - EMT Lisa Lawson

Lisa is a seasoned EMT with the department. As Treasurer she brings financial experience to the head table and has been an essential asset in the Association becoming a recognized non-profit. As Treasurer Lisa is the chief financial officer of the Organization. She is responsible for the care, custody, collection and disbursement of the funds, securities, and valuable papers of the Organization. Membership on all committees is also a perk of being treasurer.


Secretary - EMT/Firefighter Kara E Shemeth

Kara Shemeth rounds out the head table. Kara has been on the department since 2005 after serving in Americorps National Civilain Community Corps specializing in wildfire in Colorado. She is an EMT/Firefighter and a member of both the High Ropes Rescue and Marine Response teams. Her responsibilities include managing correspondences with the public and keeping a true and accurate record of all meetings, these minutes are made available to any member for inspection. The minutes are kept in possession of the Secretary and it is her duty to keep the history of our association up to date and accurate. As with other officers, Kara is also a member of all committees.